Master's Program - General Information

The basic aim of Logistics Management Master`s Program in conformity with the economic policy goals of our country is to train well-qualified experts that will increase the competitive power of public and private sector corporations in national and international areas and to increase academic studies in logistics.

The concept of Logistics Management which was started to be applied rapidly since the beginning of 1980s has become one of the subjects that modern business world mostly deliberates on. The markets, customers, demands and corporate structuring and change of business perception in accordance with these undoubtedly have a big effect on the meaning of Logistics Management gained today.

Today, Logistics Management that has become the mainstay of the businesses gains more and more importance due to the rattling rate caused by globalization and is described as the primal “competitive advantages" of the businesses.
That is why, with Logistics Management Master`s Program it is aimed to train experienced managers and manager candidates needed by the logistics sector which has become the artery of our economics. Besides, the program also aims at increasing academic studies on Logistics Management and becoming a step in training scientists that will work in this area.

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