The students have to fulfill an eight-week compulsory internship in logistics companies before their graduation. Thus, the students enabled to see how the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the program can be applied in business life.

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Some of the companies that our students fulfilled their internship in previous years are as follows.


  • Arkas Marine and Transportation, Inc.
  • Baysan Inc.
  • BMC Industry and Trade Inc.
  • EDAK Pharmacists Cooperative
  • Ekol Logistics
  • Elmas Logistics
  • Fedex-Coneks International Transportation and Ind. Inc.
  • Horoz Logistics
  • Hugo Boss Textile Ind. and Inc. Ltd.
  • Inci Logistics
  • Koçtaş 
  • Maersk Marine Inc.
  • MSC Shipping Agent Inc.
  • Omsan Logistics
  • Pınar
  • Schneider Electric Industry and Trade Inc.
  • Turkish Government Railways İzmir Port Operation Management
  • Tesco Kipa
  • Tetra Pak Packaging Industry and Trade Inc.
  • Tüpraş
  • Yaşar Joint Marketing Distribution Tourism and Trade Inc.
  • Yurtiçi Cargo Inc.